Building Envelope Solar Gain Analysis

Waterfront Tower is engineered to maximize available natural light and reduce internal glare by responding to the arc of the sun. The solar gain diagrams below illustrate how the form of a typical rectangular tower has been brilliantly modified to improve both light quality and light quantity.

On the north elevation, the sun is less prominent, so the architectural façade tilts back to allow natural light deeper in to the building. On the south elevation, the sun is very direct so the façade tilts forward to provide shade, reducing glare for oce occupants

Certified LEED Platinum

Waterfront Tower will achieve LEED® Platinum
Core and Shell [CS] — the highest standard for
sustainable building design.

Some of the benefits of a LEED Platinum CS
building include:

• Between 35–60% energy savings relative to a
typical oce building (LEED Standard)

• Improved indoor environment, resulting in lower
absenteeism, greater productivity, and better
thermal comfort.

• Lower maintenance costs due to higher
standards for building commissions, materials,