Building Features

Waterfront Tower features a semi-private courtyard
amenity space and an open plaza with unobstructed
views of the water.

Waterfront Tower will have distinctive amenities
including conference facilities, fitness/changing
rooms, and uninterrupted views of the water and
mountains from every floor.


Shared Amenities

Tenants of Waterfront Tower will be able to share in the amenities of the adjacent Cadillac Fairview-owned Waterfront Properties complex, which comprises of 200 Granville, PriceWaterhouse Coopers Place, Waterfront Centre, and the Station building. Shared amenities include Yoga and Fitness Classes, meeting and conference rooms, bicycle storage, and car-washing services. The Waterfront Properties complex also houses some of the city's top restaurants, including Miku, Rogue, and Hapa Izakaya.


Building Stacking Plan

Floor Plans


17,005 sq ftFloor Rentable Area
101Open plan workstations
4Single offices
105Total headcount
162 sq ftOccupier density per person


17,005 sq ftFloor Rentable Area
101Open plan workstations
4Single offices
105Total headcount
162 sq ftOccupier density per person


17,005 sq ftFloor Rentable Area
101Open plan workstations
4Single offices
105Total headcount
162 sq ftOccupier density per person


17,005 sq ftFloor Rentable Area
101Open plan workstations
4Single offices
105Total headcount
162 sq ftOccupier density per person

Technical Specifications


Total Rentable Area: Approximately 356,000 sf (office)
Floors in Building:  22 office floors, plus 1 lobby level, 1 mezzanine amenity level, and 2 mechanical levels
BOMA Standard: BOMA Z65.1-2010A
Typical Floor Size (SF): Approximately 17,000 sf of Rentable Area
Building Planning Module: Planning module: 5 ft
                                                 Window size: 5 ft wide
                                                 Bay Size: +/- 30 ft to 40 ft (typical)
Finished Ceiling Height: 9'-0" to 9'-10"


Level of Handicap Accessibility: All areas of building are designed to be barrier-free 
LEED®/GREEN Certification: LEED® Platinum Core and Shell (CS)

Ratio/Rentable SF: Approximately 1 parking stall per 1,900 square feet of Rentable Area

Exterior Wall System: High performance designed aluminum and insulated Low-E coated glass curtainwall
Glazing: 9'-0" to 9'-10"Floor to Ceiling Vision Glass
Window Size:  5'-0" wide
Core to Exterior glass distance: 37'-0" to 40'-0" at typical floors

Look and Feel of Public Space: AAA Office
Interior Walls: Stone or comparable
Floors: Granite or other stone
Ceiling: Drywall, glass, and metal panels
Lighting: Light coves and downlights

No. of Passenger Elevators: 8 high-speed passenger elevators with fully integrated destination dispatch provided
Speed: 700 fpm low-rise, 1000 fpm high-rise
No. of Service/ Freight: 1 service elevator provided with lift speed of 500fpm
Parking elevators: 1 parking shuttle elevator provided
Cab Finishes: Floor: stone
                         Walls: combination of mirror, stainless steel, and veneer wood panels
                         Ceiling: metal or comparable; recessed lights

Men:        1 Washroom provided per typical office floor
                 2 Lavatories
                 2 Water closets (1 Barrier Free)
                 2 Urinals
Women: 1 Washroom provided per typical office floor
                2 Lavatories
                3 Water closets (1 Barrier Free)

Structure: Designed to a minimum of the City of Vancouver Building By-Law requirements which are based on the 2010 National Building Code of Canada

Floors: Designed to meet or exceed Code requirements with a minimum of live load of 50 psf (2.4 K Pa) plus a partition allowance of 20 psf (1.0 K Pa). Floor finish will be Class A in accordance with Table 22 of CSA Standard A 23.1-09. Designated zones of approximately 150 sf (14 m2) for high density filing will be provided on each floor. Future tenant stairs are permitted, locations must be coordinated respecting base building structure requirements

Design Capacities: Capacity available for tenant services is10.8 W /m2 (1 w/ft2) for lighting, 32.3 W /m2 (3 w/ft2) for receptacle/equipment power, 20.5 W/m2 (2 w/ft2) of additional
power available through supplemental transformers
Voltage: 347/600 volts three-phase, four wire power for lighting, 120/208 volts three-phase, four wire for power at panels located in typical floor electrical room
Overhead Distribution: Adequate plenum space around core for main cable tray and conduit runs
Emergency Power: Supplied by auxiliary diesel engine generator for emergency/exit lighting and fire/life safety systems only. Available space for dedicated tenant generators.
Metering: Individual metering of tenant’s power consumption.
Power Grid: Primary/ Reserve incoming 13.8kV feeders from the BC Hydro underground distribution network.

Fixtures: Each 15" × 60"air handling fixture shall be equipped with one 32 w energy efficient bulb and comes with an efficient high frequency ballast.
Levels: Light levels in accordance with Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) recommendations.
Lighting Management: Fluorescent lighting is time-managed for energy conservation and is subdivided into multiple control zones per floor. Tenants have full control of the on-floor
zone switching.
Time Management: Lighting is time-managed for energy conservation and is subdivided in multiple control zones.

Steam Production: To be purchased from a district energy plant, with its inherent reliability and redundancy, and used for creating heating hot water for space heating, directly for humidification, and for generating domestic hot water.

Chilled Water Production: On-site production of chilled water through the use of energy efficient chillers and cooling towers that will provide chilled water to local equipment to meet seasonal cooling loads.

Condenser Water Production: On-site production of condenser water will be available for tenant process loads (24/7/52) on each floor.

Heating/Cooling System: One Class AAA variable air volume system utilizing centrally-located air handling units will provide supply and return air flow to and from all occupied spaces using an overhead delivery method. Supply air will be completely ducted from the air handling units, through duct risers and out through horizontal ducts. Return air will travel through
the ceiling plenums to duct risers back up to the air handling units. Medium pressure supply and return air distribution will simplify ongoing testing and balancing over the life of the building minimizing disruption to all occupants. Cooling will be provided by supplying carefully measured cool air through ceiling-mounted diffusers. Heating will be provided through
the supply air duct distribution system through the use of duct-mounted hot water heating coils.

Outdoor Airflow Rate: 20 cfm/person (about 10% greater than that required by ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010) in order to maintain appropriate space pressurization and provide fresh air to the building occupants.

Air Quality Standards: The supply air is fully conditioned (filtered, cleaned, heated, cooled, humidified, dehumidified), controlled for proper temperature and relative humidity, and measured for proper airflow rates.

Smoke Control: A fully engineered code compliant smoke venting system.

General Exhaust: A centrally-located exhaust system will be provided that any tenant can tap into for special exhaust needs.


Security at lobby: Lobby desk c/w security access control and monitoring
Other security measures: Security Patrol(s) of common areas including Parking, Ground Floor and Tower Mechanical and base building common areas. Proximity type card readers will be provided in the building at critical points including all exterior doors, elevators, and other critical areas restricted to the public. Optional patrol of tenant premises is provided; Safewalk Program is also available to tenants.

Domestic Cold Water: A booster pump package will provide potable water to all plumbing fixtures.
Domestic Hot Water: Fully re-circulated potable water will provide reduced wait times for hot water while maintaining the quality of the water and reducing water and energy waste.
Wet Columns: Valved and capped connection(s) at core for domestic cold, hot and hot return water as well as sanitary waste and vent piping to accommodate future tenant needs.

Sprinklers: An automatic approved wet sprinkler system will be provided throughout the building.
Hydrants: Risers with valved and capped connections for firefighters’ hose connections will be provided throughout the building.

Building Automation System: A computer controlled building automation system will be provided to monitor and control the HVAC, power and lighting systems in order to provide the building occupants with a safe and comfortable environment in an energy efficient and cost effective manner.
Telephone/Cable: Capacity is provided in each typical on-floor telephone room to handle the tenant’s voice/data requirements.
Satellite Services: Pathways and infrastructure will be available for building tenants. Space shall be provided as necessary for routing of signal cable.
Fire Alarm System (FAS): A computer controlled, completely addressable fire alarm system will be provided including all necessary alarm and detection devices along with
communication connections to the BAS and the local Fire Department.